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Does this sound like you or your management?

You post on a job board like Indeed or Kijiji. Maybe put a sign in the window “Help Wanted; Apply Within”. Receive a ton of applicants. Review them all. How many are answering the questions that you need to know? Are you learning about your applicants’:

  • Availability?
  • Expertise in the industry?
  • Reliability?
  • Performance with their last employer?

You schedule some interviews. Not everyone shows. You call their references. You find that’s hit or miss. A couple seem promising, but you can’t tell if they’re long-term fits.

If you want to change your hiring approach, time to grab the cupcake that’s different from the rest.

Let’s Improve How You Hire

Choose WorkSolute to improve your hiring.

No More Posting on Job Boards. We handle posting applications, screening the results, and filtering them into digestible metrics. You also don’t need to pay each job board (like Indeed) every time you use their service. We simplify your hiring tasks and bring them all onto one platform. Think about your time and cost savings.

Verified References. You should be able to trust the truthfulness and accuracy of an applicant’s resume. WorkSolute reaches out to references to verify an applicant’s work history.

Real-Time Hiring. Need someone last minute? You can hire for a single shift, and we handle the payment immediately.

Let’s Get That Fit

Time to customize your order.

With WorkSolute, you create the positions of your business and specify the attributes necessary to be successful in the role.

Unlike traditional job boards, WorkSolute can help you find applicants that fit your specific needs:

  • Need someone to work on a certain day at a certain time? You can specify that.
  • Want someone with specific experience, like in the restaurant industry? Filter by our experience metric.
  • Need someone to open and they can’t be late? Check out the applicants who live nearby.
  • Would like someone thorough and detail-oriented? We have a metric for that too.

By using WorkSolute’s objective metrics, you minimize the time between needing to fill a position, and having the right person in place, ready to work. We all know the costs and harm to your business of being understaffed.

Let’s Be Our Best

We understand the challenges you face.

Before creating WorkSolute, we owned and operated a quick service restaurant. We know the issues that you confront on a regular basis, and the challenge of consistently hiring the right team. WorkSolute was created to address these issues and has improved our business exponentially. We’re now bringing these solutions to you.

WorkSolute was the proud winner of the 2016 Ignite Capital business competition (in the Indigenous category). We were also featured in 2018 by StartUp HERE Toronto.

We’re passionate about building a well-sourced team that achieves excellent results and customer service. We never stop thinking of ways to put the best people in the right positions. Make WorkSolute an essential plank in building your business.

Let’s Simplify How You Hire

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