WorkSolute offers “full-service”, “white-glove”, “zero-risk” solutions to pay and manage your team.  Those words sound great, but what do they mean?


In short, every aspect of our payroll solution is provided with no additional charges.  Most competitors exclude something or charge you extra, like for WSIB remits, ROEs, or stat pay calculations.  We include everything you need to pay your team:

  • Pay Slips
  • Direct Deposits
  • Remits (i.e. CRA, WSIB)
  • Reports (i.e. T4s, ROEs)
  • Calculations (i.e. Vacation, Stat Pay)
  • Payroll Accuracy Guarantee


  • No more inputting hours:  With most competitors, you or your manager has to manually input the hours for all your team members into a payroll dashboard.  That’s not an efficient or happy use of your time.  With WorkSolute, you just send us your pay run (which you likely download from your point-of-sale), and we take it from there!
  • We can set you up:  We know that switching payroll providers is a pain.  If you join WorkSolute, our team will handle that for you.  But that’s not all – if you’re not satisfied with us during your first month, we will set you back up with your current provider.
  • We collect the information necessary from your team:  Many of our clients occupy sectors with high-employee turnover.  If you do too, you know that chasing your team’s SINs, financial information, and updated mailing addresses can be a pain (and those are all necessary to pay your team and issue reports).  We bet that your current provider isn’t helping you on this front.  We do.


  • We guarantee the accuracy of your payroll
  • Your first month is free
  • If you’re not satisfied during your first month, we set you back up with your current payroll provider

Our team provides reliable service with a local presence.  Accountant-level service without the expense.  We’re ready to help!

Libby Kennedy

Matthew Wood